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Agriculture, one of Togo's most important activity sectors, that is, the sector's contribution to Togo's GDP growth of around 29% of the total growth rate, is structured into several sectors full of potential. Among these sectors, we find soybeans, coffee, cocoa, cotton, corn, cassava, fruits, shea, and cashew nuts.
Why invest in Agriculture in Togo
  • Availability of arable land, 37% of which is still unused.
  • Abundant water resources.
  • Priority sector for the State.

 Business opportunities in the Agro - Sylvo - Pastoral sector in Togo






The National Development Plan makes improving access to electricity a priority to achieve 75% electrification. Since 2015, Electric power generation activities can be carried out in Togo by any public or private person, under the conditions provided for by the International Agreement on the revised Benino-Togolese Electricity Code of March 10, 2015, the 2000 Law. -012 of July 18, 2000 relating to the electricity sector and Law n ° 2018-010 of August 08, 2018 relating to the promotion of the production of electricity based on renewable energy sources.

The state is banking on the development of sustainable and reliable production capacities, particularly in solar and hydroelectric, and the corresponding strengthening of the transmission and distribution network to meet internal demand.
Why invest in the energy sector in Togo
  • Priority sector for the Togolese state.
  • Solar exposure potential facilitating the implementation of solar power plants.
  • Growth in demand for electricity by industries and the population.
  • Need to reduce strong energy dependence on the West African Power Pool (WAPP).


Business opportunities in the energy sector in Togo

  • Electricity grid extension project and deployment of decentralized systems.
  • Project to increase energy transmission and distribution capacity.
  • Deployment of solar kits in rural areas.



The health sector is modernizing in Togo. Since 2017, a policy to strengthen the health and social protection sector has been implemented; a flagship reform is the implementation of management contracts in public hospitals, leading to improved service delivery.

Why invest in the health sector in Togo:
  • Health is a priority sector for the state.
  • Togo faces a lack of health infrastructure.
  • The country is aiming for universal health coverage for the entire population on the horizon.
  • The government is working on a public project to develop and implement a health emergency response plan that aims to strengthen the health system to cope with future crises.
Business opportunities in the health sector in Togo:
  • Medical imaging and diagnostic center.
  • Project to build a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.



The service sector has been growing in Togo for two years, particularly with the arrival of major players in the field of outsourced customer relationship management and the provision of high speed internet service.

Why invest in the Services sector in Togo:
  • Presence of a Tier III data center.
  • Substantial employment pool composed of young graduates with good speech and ease in discussion.
  • Ongoing development of new telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Property portfolio adapted to the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) activity.
Business opportunity in the Services sector in Togo:
  • Call center and outsourced customer relationship management.



In the Construction sector, the Togolese State aims to create a supply of decent affordable housing for low-income and middle-income populations by 2025 in order to reduce the housing deficit and improve the quality of habitat. In order to ensure that this objective is achieved, the Togolese government is promoting a framework of public-private partnership that can be of interest to the private sector.

Why invest in the Construction sector in Togo:
  • Strong existing real estate demand.
  • Access to quality housing for the population is a priority for the state.
  • Existing deficit of 120,000 homes in Lomé, with an expected increase to reach 200,000 homes in 2025.
  • Growing demand for multi-functional recreational and cultural platforms.
  • Priority sector for the State.
Business opportunities in the Construction sector in Togo:
  • Construction project of 20,000 social housing units.
  • Project for the construction and operation of a modern conference center.
  • Construction of an Olympic swimming pool in Lomé.
  • Construction of a 5,000-seat gymnasium.
  • Construction of 1,500-seat gymnasiums in the regional capitals.


The 2020-2025 government roadmap provides for investments in the infrastructure and logistics sector in order to make Togo a logistics hub of excellence and a privileged and secure access platform from the Gulf of Guinea to the countries of the hinterland.
With a strategic geographical position with 56 km of coastline, Togo has a high potential port economic zone. The Autonomous Port of Lomé has a presence of companies that are world leaders in the logistics sector.
Why invest in the infrastructure sector in Togo:
  • Priority sector for the State.
  • Ideal ocean gateway for landlocked countries Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger.
  • Modern port terminals with a processing capacity of 2 million tonnes of goods per year.
  • 75,000 m² of storage warehouses at the Autonomous Port of Lomé with planned extension works.
Business opportunities in the Infrastructure sector in Togo:
  • Rehabilitation and extension project of the ore quay at the Autonomous Port of Lomé.
  • Waste effluent treatment plant project.
  • Project to build a new industrial park in the port area.
  • Project for the Construction of a Dry Port in Cinkassé.



The government's new 2020-2025 roadmap aims to improve the rate of access to drinking water in 2025, more precisely 95% in rural areas, 85% in semi-urban areas, 75% in urban areas outside Lomé and 80% in Grand Lomé.

Why invest in the WATER sector in Togo :
  • The Togolese government has set itself the objective of increasing the share of households with access to drinking water and will support any investor in the project.
  • This sector is a priority for the state.
  • The expanding residential real estate creates a strong demand for drinking water mainly in urban areas but also to a large extent in rural areas.
Business opportunities in the WATER sector in Togo :
  • Lomé city drinking water supply project from a dam on the Zio river.
  • Project to strengthen village water supply in the five regions.