The investor's guide

The business climate in Togo is becoming more and more favorable to investors thanks to the progress made, particularly in terms of reforms. In addition to the development of the attractiveness of the country, there are efforts devoted to the digitization of administrative procedures.

In this sense, API-ZF, with the aim of establishing transparency and reducing bottlenecks, focuses on the simplification and digitization of investment procedures. Through its investment portal and the One-Stop-Shop for Investment, the agency will not only provide investors and potential investors with information, but also offer assistance and monitoring of their procedures.
  • Investment portal
This platform will allow the investor to find a description and documentation of the various administrative procedures related to his installation or the development of his activities in Togo.
It indicates at each step corresponding to the procedures, the institution in charge as well as the agents involved, the documents to be provided, the costs associated with the procedures and the time required for their completion.
  • Single Window for Investment 
It is a platform that will connect the investor to the API-ZF for the completion of all formalities. It will take care of supporting the investor through the successive stages of the formalities by providing an agent. These formalities cover internal agency procedures as well as those of partner institutions. Thus, this one-stop shop, which will be both physical and digital, will bring together in a single workspace the various administrations involved in the completion of the formalities for the creation of companies and their establishment, subscription to public services (electricity, water, internet), obtaining Zone-franche and Investment Code approvals, obtaining and extending visas, residence permits, etc.
In addition, this platform is equipped with an After-care service to ensure continuity in the support offered to investors after their installation in Togo.