Procedure for Obtaining Approval

Procedure for Obtaining Approval

The promoter of the company who meets the eligibility conditions and who seeks approval for free zone status, must complete an application for approval by completing a form issued by API-ZF. The form can be collected from API-ZF or downloaded from the site in the Download section.


 The duly completed authorization application form must include the following elements:

Presentation of the promoter (s)
Provide the Curriculum vitae and the criminal record of the promoters. Attach a copy of the articles of association of the Company project.
Project description
Describe the type of industry or service envisioned.
For an industrial project, specify the finished products that will be obtained, the raw materials that will be used and the transformation process. The production diagram, photos etc. should be attached.
For a service project, describe the service and its export orientation.
Export program
Provide the export program (in volume / quantity and value) for the first 3 years and specify the countries of destination of the products or services.
Business rationale
Provide all the information that will allow you to assess the target market. Example: previous experiences, market research, supply or service contract, letters of intent, etc.
Raw materials (if applicable)
Give the supply schedule for the first three years: volume / quantity, value and country of origin.
Environmental impact
Describe the effluents and other pollutants likely to be generated by the activity of the company and indicate the measures that will be taken to control and eliminate them ...
An Environmental Impact Assessment may be necessary before setting up the business.
Technical equipment and materials
Give a description of the machinery and equipment, transport equipment, office equipment, etc.
Working capital requirements
Estimate working capital requirements
Define the number of nationals and expatriates and the level of their salaries.
Financial plan
State how establishment, construction / fit-up costs, equipment and working capital requirements are financed.
Company profitability
Establish the provisional operating account for the first three years.
Specify the location of the company.

 The duly completed approval application form, including a receipt number issued by API-ZF, is submitted to the API-ZF head office (floor and office to be specified) located at the Ministry for the Promotion of '' Investment at the following address: 2564, Avenue de la Chance, Telephone (+228) 22 53 53 53.

 After filing, the complete approval request file is examined by the Approval Committee.

The law provides that the deadline for issuing provisional approval is 30 working days from the date of filing the complete application for approval.
Thus, when the Committee judges the company's project eligible, it proposes it for provisional approval for the status of a Free Zone.

 When a project is deemed eligible by the Approval Committee, the authorization to operate in the Free Zone is notified to the company by letter (signed by the Managing Director of API-ZF) in lieu of provisional approval.

This company therefore has a maximum period of six (6) months, renewable at the discretion of API-ZF, to start its activities.
Once provisional approval has been issued, the promoter can take all the steps to set up and operate his business. These include:
The formalities for setting up a company at the Center de Formalités des Entreprises (CFE), (housed at the headquarters of API-ZF and under the supervision of the Ministry of Investment Promotion). This center operates in the form of a "Single Window" where all the formalities for the creation, modification and dissolution of companies are carried out;
Carrying out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) under the authority of the National Environmental Management Agency (ANGE).

 Le Certificat d’Entreprise Exportatrice, faisant office d’agrément définitif, est délivré par Décision du Directeur Général de l’API-ZF, sur rapport de ses services techniques, au moment de  l'entrée en activité effective de la société et après que cette dernière ait fait preuve de sa capacité d’exportation.

La délivrance de l’agrément définitif, aux entreprises qui en font la demande, est subordonnée aux conditions suivantes :

  • finaliser la procédure de constitution de la société ;
  • réaliser au moins une exportation dûment constatée par l’administration des douanes ;
  • produire un certificat de conformité environnementale sanctionnant la réalisation d’une étude d’impact sur l’environnement ;
  • produire, si nécessaire, toutes autres autorisations administratives indispensables à l’installation et à l’exploitation de l’entreprise agréée.