Investor charter

Investor charter

As part of the implementation of the investment promotion policy and in order to increase the socio-economic benefits of the private sector for the populations, the Agency for the Promotion of Investments and the Free Zone (API-ZF) will be the single gateway for any investor in Togo and will have to ensure the promotion of foreign direct investments (FDI) and national direct investments (IDN).
This charter summarizes the agency's commitments to investors.
Agency commitments
API-ZF, in carrying out its missions and fully fulfilling its role, is committed to

Recognize the key role of investors and the private sector as a driver of wealth creation and decent jobs, which should be given special attention.

+ Support investors in the installation, operationalization and expansion of their activities.

Provide investors with the attractive and incentive advantages offered by the current investment code. 

Provide the advantages of the free zone to economic operators whose economic activities are export-oriented.

Present to investors attractive business opportunities related to their activities, for the purpose of setting up or expanding their investments.

Provide investors with precise, detailed and exhaustive information on the administrative procedures allowing them to make their investments.


 + Facilitate administrative procedures and procedures by establishing a one-stop shop including all the services required to quickly complete their installation and facilitate their operation.

+ Provide a post-investment service to support them in the operationalization and development of their activities.

+ Provide a framework for consultation to share their experiences, raise their specific needs and inform them of progress in terms of the business climate and investment opportunities.

+ Contribute to the constant improvement of the business climate in Togo