The companies approved for the status of free zone, during their lifetime, benefit from the customs cordon of the following advantages:

  • exemption from all customs duties and taxes, on equipment material, including office furniture, spare parts, raw materials, semi-finished products and consumables necessary for the installation and operation of the approved company;
  • 50% reduction in customs duties and taxes on commercial vehicles, as defined by the implementing decree;
  • exemption from all customs duties and taxes when exporting products manufactured in a free zone.

Apart from customs and tax advantages, the free zone offers the following guarantees to companies regularly established in the Togolese Republic:

  • equal treatment and principles of non-discrimination;
  • guarantee of transfer of capital and remuneration;
  • freedom of management;
  • the protection of investments by the state;
  • recourse to arbitration or to national, sub-regional, regional and international courts for the settlement of disputes.