The Agency for the Promotion of Investments and the Free Zone (API-ZF), was created by Law No. 2019 - 005 of June 17, 2019 on the Investment Code in the Togolese Republic. She is responsible for carrying out public service missions in Togo and abroad related to the promotion of investments in Togo.

 API-ZF informs, assists and supports investors in all stages of their investment in Togo. API-ZF grants approvals for special economic regimes. It ensures that investors enjoy the benefits and incentives offered by the investment code and the status of the free zone.

 API-ZF facilitates all administrative procedures from the expression of interest, information until the actual installation of the investor. API-ZF has a Single Window for Investment to centralize and speed up all administrative operations. It also has an after-care service to facilitate the activities of the investor after installation.

 No. API-ZF supports any investor eligible for the schemes it administers, whether Togolese or foreign. Indeed, API-ZF supports any investment as defined by the investment code or the status of the free zone, regardless of the nationality of the investor.

 API-ZF takes over all the powers of SAZOF (the Free Zone Administration Company) and subrogates itself to the latter. API-ZF therefore has a broader mission than SAZOF because in addition to the free zone, it deals with projects eligible for the investment code

 API-ZF acts as an investment facilitator. It is responsible for the administration of the free zone, the investment code and all special economic regimes. It assures investors of carrying out their activities.

 These are special economic regimes granting certain advantages, intended to promote investment activities in Togo. Each regime is a set of attractive legal measures, adapted to specific investment activities.

 API-ZF agents are ready to talk to any investor. API-ZF is committed to assisting potential and active investors in all stages of the investment cycle. Contact us via the chat or on the addresses left on the site.

 Any investor, meeting the legally defined criteria, can benefit from the incentive framework put in place to stimulate investments. All you have to do is complete one of the forms for obtaining an appropriate authorization (Investment code or free zone) to download via this link.

 As an investor already installed, API-ZF, through its After-care service, remains at your disposal to ensure the smooth running of your operating activity. API-ZF can assist you in your periodic administrative operations (renewal of administrative documents, tax exemptions, etc.).

 The head office of API-ZF is located in Lomé, 2564, avenue de la Chance, SAZOF building. Next to the passport service.