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Lake Togo

Lake Togo Lake Togo

Main body of water in Togo. You can practice swimming and nautical Sky....Details

Governors Palace

Governors Palace Governors Palace

It was built between 1898 and 1905 by engineer Furtkamp on the decision of German Governor...Details

Tamberma Castles

Tamberma Castles Tamberma Castles

UNESCO-listed Batammariba turreted houses....Details

Chateau Vial

Chateau Vial Chateau Vial

At the initiative of a German named Vial in 1940, it was completed in 1944 by the French....Details

Fazao National Park

Fazao National Park Fazao National Park

Covering an area of ​​1920 km², the Fazao National Park was created in 1975 by the me...Details


Waterfalls Waterfalls

The town of Kpalimé is known for its waterfalls. The most notable are those of Kpélé, W...Details

Mount Agou

Mount Agou Mount Agou

Covered with dense forests and small Ewe villages, Mont Agou rises to 986 m. It is the hig...Details

Fetish market

Fetish market Fetish market

Artifact market from the animist religions of Togo...Details

Cave paintings of Namoudjoga

Cave paintings of Namoudjoga Cave paintings of Namoudjoga

Discovered in the 1990s, these paintings date back to the Neolithic period (up to -1900 BC...Details

House of slaves

House of slaves House of slaves

The house was built shortly after the installation in Agbodrafo in 1835 of a fraction of t...Details


Paragliding Paragliding

Tourist activity in the heart of the plateau region...Details

Lomé Beach

Lomé Beach Lomé Beach

Fine sand beach to enjoy the sun by the Atlantic Ocean...Details